Monday, January 23, 2012

French Door Project

How in the world is there only one week left in January!  This is my year to finish my projects, organize every closet in my house, find more time to craft, sew, treasure hunt, and basically have fun!  If the rest of the year flies by like this first month has, not sure how I will succeed.

This door project was on my 2011 project list, which has now carry overed to my 2012 project list.  I've been in my new to me house for almost 4 years.  When I moved in I said "two year project".  I travel for my job and am gone almost every other week.  So, if I'm gone half the time I can totally justify my two year project taking four years.  That works, right?

I was so anxious to begin painting that I forgot to take my before picture until I was half way through.  I love the transformation, especially for only the cost of two coats of paint.

And here's the half way before!

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