Saturday, December 3, 2011


One more trip for 2011 and then home. Home for at least a month! So looking forward to being in my own house, sleeping in my own bed, cooking in my kitchen, and enjoying the festivities of Christmas! Just need to get through one more week of working, hotels, and airplanes. So much to look forward to and also so much to be thankful for.

November came and went in a flash! Three weeks of business travel, a week of vacation, my daughters birthday, and celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents in Florida. And, I completed my Christmas shopping. A productive and fun month! Now if the clock will just slow down a little so I can savor my favorite time of the year....

Updated to add: far, far away on a small island with sketchy Internet didn't allow my post to be published. I've almost made it through the week. Two more days and I'll be home!

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